Vigilance Jefferson County WV

Vigilance Jefferson County WV is an Indivisible group.
We resist the Trump agenda while seeking to protect the environment, constitutional rights, and democracy by putting pressure on elected officials.


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Vigilance works in close collaboration with local organizations sharing similar values.

Canvassing 2017

Letter to Reps Re: What We Hear when Canvassing

Vigilance went into the neighborhoods of Jefferson County this December to talk to our neighbors about issues that matter to their lives. People expressed frustration and dismay about the way our representatives are making fast, unsubstantiated decisions about taxes and healthcare. Vigilance sent these thoughts in a letter to our representatives.
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Save Net Neutrality

Save Net Neutrality

December 7 2017 Action: A big thank you to all who came out to send a message to our elected officials. The cold and wind do not stop us.
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Tax Protest

Candlelight Tax Protest Rally

Candlelight Tax Protest and Rally at Senator Capito and Congressman Mooney Offices On 11/21/2017 we gathered to express our concerns over the Republican “Tax” plan. Our Republican members of Congress refuse to meet with constituents at large. Instead, they continue to release talking points saying how great their bill is. Hello, we have seen this…
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Lie #1

Join Our Stamp Out Budget Lies Social Media Campaign

In our previous post, Republican Budget is More Dangerous than People Realize, we explained the grave dangers in the Republican budget plan that many are calling the #TrumpTaxScam.  Now let’s look at what we can do about it, and how YOU can help easily. You see, Republicans know that if people really understood what they…
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Republican Budget Is More Dangerous than People Realize

The general public was far more aware and engaged during the Healthcare battles in the House and Senate, than it has been so far on the Budget battle. That’s a real shame, because many people haven’t yet realized that the budget battle IS THE SAME as the healthcare battle. The damage that Republicans can do…
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Senate Invoice

Senate Invoice to the American People

“Don’t Cut the Heart Out of West Virginia” On Monday, October 16, Vigilance and the Women’s March WV staged a demonstration called “Don’t Cut the Heart Out of West Virginia” to tell Senator Shelley Moore Capito to oppose the budgetary attack on West Virginians and other Americans who aren’t rich. Senators Capito and Manchin were…
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Contact Your Representatives

Joe Manchin III, Senior Senator (D)
Next election in 2018
Twitter: @Sen_JoeManchin
Official Website

Shelley Capito, Junior Senator (R)
Next election in 2020
Twitter: @SenCapito
Official Website

Alex Mooney, Representative
2nd Congressional District (R)
Next election in 2018
Twitter: @RepAlexMooney
Official Website

Riley Moore, WV Delegate District 67 (R)
Next election in 2018
Twitter: @RileyMooreWV
Official Website
304-340-3248 - State
304-707-5838 - Home

Paul Espinosa, WV Delegate District 66 (R)
Next election in 2018
Twitter: @DelPaulEspinosa
Official Website
304-340-3265 - State
304-728-8139 - Home

Jill Upson, WV Delegate District 65 (R)
Next election in 2018
Twitter: @Upson4WV
Official Website
304-340-3366 - State
304-728-9904 - Home

Patricia Rucker, WV Senate District 16 (R)
Next election in 2020
Twitter: @RuckerforWV
Official Website
304-357-7957 - State
304-279-1619 - Home

John R. Unger II, WV Senate District 16 (D)
Next election in 2018
Twitter: @SenatorUnger
Official Website
304-357-7933 - State
304-263-5488 - Home